Lindsey Kaupp, Owner & Registered Occupational Therapist

Education & Experience

  • Registered Occupational Therapist - MScOT University of Alberta 2011
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with Distinction - BScKin University of Lethbridge 2009
  • External & Internal Pelvic Health Assessment 
  • Advanced Training in Chronic Pain Management
  • Advanced Solution Focused Brief Therapy 
  • CBT & ACT Approaches
  • Previous Clinical Lecturer - University of Alberta
  • Instructor: 
    • Women’s Health & Occupational Therapy- Pelvic Health & Maternal Mental Health
    • Whole Person Pelvic Health

My Story


To introduce myself, I am Lindsey Kaupp - full-time mother, wife and occupational therapist residing in Ponoka, AB.

I am a education-hoarder and always have a continuing education course on the go.

​If I wasn't an occupational therapist I would love to be in real estate or architectural design in some fashion. When I walk into a space I can see it for its potential and I feel I am the same way with people. I try to look for the good in the world and enjoy my life as it flies by, however I could definitely benefit from a slow motion button that would force me to spend more time in the moment and not look so far ahead all the time.

​Hockey is a passion of mine and I have met so many of the people in my life through sport. As a student-athlete with the University of Lethbridge Women's Hockey team, I thrived on the team atmosphere and community of athletes, coaches and support staff. This has translated into a passion for connecting with other professionals with similar interests and trying to be involved with young female athletes whenever possible.

​My journey in women's health has come about in a non-conventional way, through my lived experience with pelvic health dysfunction, and my unexpected career in mental health. I am an anatomy and movement geek at heart, so employment in mental health was never a goal of mine, until it happened. The years I have spent in mental health have been the most rewarding time of my career thus far and has prepared me to work with women from all walks of life, with all different issues and solutions.

​E-Motion Therapy was created out of my recognition of a gap, not only regarding women's health services in rural Alberta, but within women's health services themselves. As an occupational therapist, I can address the vast majority of the factors that impact a woman's pelvic health and daily life, such as physical function, psychological factors and environmental influences, which enables a truly holistic and individual approach. I am comfortable asking the hard questions around topics that we are working hard to de-stigmatize such as sexual function or maternal mental health.

​In short, I want to be the resource that was not available to me when I needed it and I know I am not alone in seeking quality whole-person care regarding women's health in rural Alberta.


Jasmine Kuchenbrand, Registered Occupational Therapist


Education & Experience

My Story

Hi Everyone! 

A little bit about myself, my name is Jasmine Kuchenbrand. I am originally from Lloydminster, the famous border city. To answer your question, I am from the Alberta side.

One thing you will learn early on, is I love to laugh, and I am quite outgoing. I fully understand that coming to a pelvic health clinic can be scary and at E-Motion we want you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. You can rest assured you are in good hands and expect a laugh or two. 

I enjoy being active whether that is hiking,  going to the gym, or taking my little dog, Freya,  for a walk. I am an outdoor girl and have always loved going fishing, off-roading and shooting. I only have one brother, so I consider myself the little brother he never wanted. As a lifelong learner, I feel am always on the hunt for new knowledge. 

I remember my family not fully comprehending why I would want to work in pelvic health and asking what even is pelvic health? 

I think this is a natural reaction as this is an area that is often not discussed. Pelvic health to me, is about empowering females and males. I believe that our pelvic health is foundational to our everyday functioning, yet it is an area that is often ignored, forgotten, or stigmatized. My goal is to support and educate you so that you can get back to your life!