Whole-Person Approach for Pelvic Health Challenges

As an Occupational Therapist, I can address the vast majority of the factors that impact a person's pelvic health and daily life, such as physical function, psychological factors and environmental influences, which enables a truly holistic and individual approach.

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Our Approach

As an evidence-based practitioner, I firmly believe in working with a person as a whole.

We aren't just the physical body with its structures, functions, abilities. We must also consider our psychological mind - our values, our emotions, and how they interplay with hormones. Then we factor in environmental and social influences that shape who were are, what we do in our day, and how we live our lives.

'Whoa!? I thought I was coming for pelvic health?'

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E-Motion Therapy - Womens Pelvic Health

Our Advantages

Whole-Person & Individualized Approach
We believe in working with a person as a whole, including mind & body
Licensed Therapist With Knowledge & Experience
Work with a licensed Occupational Therapist with extensive training & experience
Rural Health Care for All
We are filling a gap in rural care & whole-person health needs in Alberta, both at our clinics & home visits
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